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St Neots Wing Chun


The St Neots Wing Chun Kung Fu school is operated by James Sinclair

Instructor: James Sinclair.
School Type: Room Hire
Facilities: Small class numbers, personalised approach and great spirit in the class.
Location: Berkley Street Methodist Church Hall, Berkley Street, Eynesford, St Neots.  PE19 2NB
Students Profile:  From beginner.

When: Tuesdays: Beginners 7:45pm

Telephone: Sifu James Sinclair (mob: 07860 276923)
Email: info@ukwingchun.com

Monthly Tuition Fee: £45.00


Cambridge Wing Chun student single chi sau

Cambridge Wing Chun student single chi sau

Master James Sinclair opened a branch of the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. in St Neots

The classes started on September 3rd 2019 at 7:45pm. at Berkeley Street Methodist Church Hall, Berkley Street, Eynesford, St Neots  Cambridgeshire.

The beginners classes run from 7:45pm and are geared solely towards those people with little or no experience in martial arts.  The sessions are suitable for anyone over the age of 13 and are great for both men and women.

The policy within the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. is not to mix students with less experience with more experienced students.  We take in students for a limited period then close the doors.  Some branches have not taken on new students for many years!  Take e a look at our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Wing Chun is a rarity amongst the Martial Arts as it is the only system we know of that was designed by a Woman to aid in the self defence of Women. The approach is very clever, the training methodologies truly unique and the there is no doubt that the approach of the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. makes it all the more effective.

The St Neots Wing Chun School does not accept students under the age of 13, and under 16 years of age we would need parental or carer approval of their acceptance.

What can I expect at ST NEOTS Wing Chun?

Classes, at all levels, begin with a warm up in order to get your body and mind prepared. The warm up is likely to include press ups of varying intensity together with abdominal work. Sometimes, the warm up may be more aerobic in nature.

Beginners Level Classes

are encouraged to focus on the basic core skills and concepts in order to build a strong foundation to aid progression. You will learn how to deliver effective punches, and other strikes, and develop the ability to generate power from short distance.

It is in this class where we start to learn the apparent stillness of Wing Chun’s first form, Sui Nim Tao (Little Idea Way). Hidden within this form are ideas and concepts to protect yourself and to obtain a ‘little idea’ on power generation.

Footwork skill is important, you are unable to open the door if you cannot reach it! You will quickly pick up smooth and efficient footwork that will enable you to bring your Wing Chun to life.

Intermediate Level Classes

Cambridge Wing Chun student Jay Mansfield performs Taan Da.

St Neots Wing Chun student Jay Mansfield performs Taan Da.

classes start to build on your developing foundation of this great style. It is here where we further enhance hand skills by way of drills like Lok Sau (Rolling Arms) and Dan Chi Sau (Single Sticky Hands). Among other things, these skill-sets will increase your reactive speed together with feel and flow of power, enabling you to explore your increased ability with different training partners.

With your increased knowledge and ability the concepts of Sui Nim Tao will start to embed into your movement and expression.

Moving hand combinations/drills, defence and attack, will test your distance judgment in an enjoyable way and build your confidence even more.

Advanced Level Classes

classes we take all that you have learned so far and give you more ways to apply your ,already, considerable skill. Where you were applying moving hand combinations you will now be acquiring the ability to perform direct, effective, kicks as well.

Seung Chi Sau (Double Chi Sau) will test your coordination together with application of your acquired skills. The opportunity this presents is limitless and training with like minded people is fun.

Cambridge Wing Chun shows interception punch

St Neots Wing Chun shows interception punch

In any class there may be sparring sessions tempered to students current ability. Your fitness may be tested to the limit with pad work. Can you still fight back when your body is saying, ‘let me rest’!

All classes have several things in common:
  • They are enjoyable
  • The quality of teaching is excellent
  • Attention to detail is never overlooked
  • You will meet new people and make new friends
  • There are no barriers


Cambridge Wing Chun student single chi sau

St Neots Wing Chun student single chi sau

Not every person has the opportunity to train at set times. James Sinclair teaches private lessons in Cambridgeshire on a very select basis. If one to one or very small group tuition is a way of learning that you feel would suit you, please feel free to contact the Assoc. via info@ukwingchun.com.